When Your Pet Passes Away

It is hard to know if the death of your pet will happen suddenly and unexpectedly at your home or with the compassionate assistance of your family veterinarian. If it occurs at your local veterinarian we will make arrangements to pick up your pet at no charge; prearrangements are not necessary. Faithful Companions Pet Crematory has a working relationship with all veterinary clinics in Brown County. Families who bring their pet to us directly may want to spend some closing moments with their pet at our facility. These can be very tender moments for both children and adults. We have state-of-the-art equipment in an impeccably clean facility. We encourage families to tour our facilities. Before each pet is cremated, a paw print is made for your family as a permanent keepsake. Every pet cremation will include a pet urn unless the family would like to individually select from a wide selection of pet urns available at our funeral homes. At Faithful Companions Pet Crematory guarantee you will receive only your beloved pet's cremains.